The Gift Of Game is a bundle of the

practical knowledge and training you need to hit $10,000 months!

After years of lessons, many of them costly, I finally got my business to the point of closing $10,000 a month in deals!

How Would $10,000 Every Month

Change Your Life???

📌 BlockBusters Wholesaling Academy is designed to
assist investors trying to start or build their wholesaling business.
You don't have to make the mistakes I did, or spend your time trying to figure it out on your own.

📌 How To Become A Certified Home Inspector Workshop
outlines the exact process to becoming an Inspector in any state!

*Education Needed for Certification?
*10 Major Components Of A Home Inspection
*What's The Average Annual Salary for A Home Inspector?
*Does Your State Require Certification Or Licensure?

As a Home Inspector you are always in demand and you have the flexibility to set your own schedule!

Across the country, the average home inspection is at least $400.

If you did just 1 Home Inspection every weekday, you would generate $8,000 a month on your own terms!

There is a huge opportunity in this industry and YOU need
to take advantage.

📌 Real Estate Document Bundle
is a toolbox of agreements and templates you will need in your Real Estate business. Included in the bundle is a video explanation of how to fill out and use each document.

One of the top questions I receive is..."Where Do I Get The Contracts?"

The Document Bundle includes:

📍Real Estate Purchase Agreement

📍Assignment Agreement

📍Lead Call-In Sheet

📍Seller Financing Addendum

📍Joint Venture Agreement

(FYI: These agreements are not legal advice. Please seek an attorney. However, I have used them and made a bunch of $$😎)

This is over $2,000 worth of education!


The very same education I used to build TWO 6 figure businesses!

I offer you....

The Gift of Game🏠🤑

The Gift Of Game


The Gift of Game

You get immediate access to

  • BlockBusters Wholesaling Academy
  • How To Become A Certified Home Inspector Workshop
  • Real Estate Document Bundle